The images and stories of the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas have been chilling and very sobering. People have been injured … Families have been torn apart … Homes and communities have been destroyed … and the lives lost number in the thousands. Dorian survivors have immediate life-threatening and long-term needs that greatly impact their basic well-being and ability to recover.

Here’s How We Responded


“Chris [Ludacris] wanted to respond to their call for assistance as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence.”
– Roberta Shields, President of The Ludacris Foundation

Learning about Hurricane Dorian’s devastation, we contacted Bahamian governmental agencies, local relief organizations and US relief organizations to ascertain local needs, and the best manner to provide needed assistance. Specifically, we chose to partner with the (HeadKnowles Foundation), MedShare and World Central Kitchen to deliver supplies and services to the people of the Bahamas. Lia Head-Rigby, of escorted us for our 2-day Bahamas Relief mission, and helped us open doors and hearts in the Bahamas

Our team gathered 1,600 lbs. of brand new, unexpired medical supplies that were air-shipped.

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“Our initiative is one where people can see their donations at work – something very visible and tangible.”
– Chris “Ludacris” Bridges

“A lot of people want to help those affected, but aren’t quite sure how to help and where to put their support. I have donated $100,000 to this effort and sent my Mom and plane down carrying supplies. Each day that people go without needed attention and supplies exacerbates an already horrifying situation on the ground. I welcome you to join me and contribute to support this effort. No contribution is too small … No gesture is insignificant … We need our global village to rise to the call.” – Chris “Ludacris” Bridges


“Our initiative is one where people can see their donations at work – something very visible and tangible.”
– Chris “Ludacris” Bridges

In addition, we donated $10,000 to World Central Kitchen, to support Chef José Andrés, who since day one of the catastrophe has provided 20,000 hot meals a day. Lastly, we have organized 40-ft. container load of medical supplies to be sent via ocean freight to the islands after we received input from the Minister of Health regarding what is still needed.

“We saw people of all races, nationalities and circumstances helping – people to people. Despite seeing the devastation and hearing the traumatic stories, I was uplifted by this resilient spirit of the people I met,” said Roberta Shields.


We’ve partnered with a few key organizations doing tremendous work to provide expedited relief to make the biggest impact in the lives of those affected by the hurricane.

The (HeadKnowles Foundation) is a Bahamian organization that organized relief operations during Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Joaquin in 2015. We have partnered with them to provide resources and supplies to the Bahamas.


About MedShare 
MedShare is a national non-profit organization headquartered in Dectur, GA that recovers surplus medical supplies and equipment from U.S. hospitals and manufacturers, and redistributes them to needy hospitals in developing countries.

Visit MedShare’s Website

About MAP International
Medical Assistance Programs (MAP) is 65 year-old Christian nonprofit providing essential medicines for mission clinics and hospitals in countries around the world. MAP International’s Disaster Health Kits and other relief supplies are en route to serve people in the Bahamas.

Visit MAP’s Website

About World Central Kitchen
World Central Kitchen — founded by Chef José Andrés in 2010 — arrived in Nassau ahead of Hurricane Dorian to prepare for a massive relief effort, knowing tens of thousands of people would be in need. WCK is serving more than 20,000 meals per day in Nassau, Abaco and Grand Bahama. Donations to WCK will help support relief efforts to provide hot, nutritious meals.

Visit WCK’s Website


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